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Terms & Conditions

Anxious Preoccupied - Terms & Conditions

Changes to Orders and Cancellation:

Changes to the order or cancellation can only be made when the order is still not out for delivery or not yet fulfilled. Generally once in the system it is hard for us to stop the process. Please inform us as soon as possible through the contact page or by emailing hi@anxiouspreoccupied.com. An order is considered canceled/changed only if you receive a confirmation.


Delivery Address and Information:

The purchase confirmation email contains crucial information. Ensure there are no errors in the provided delivery address. We are not responsible for delays or issues due to incorrect addresses. If the item is irretrievable, the delivery is considered fulfilled, and no refund will be issued. Provide a daytime delivery address and local contact number; orders without a recipient contact number may be delayed.


Satisfaction Guarantee:

In cases of damaged or incorrect items, we will assist in getting the right item. For orders with incorrect sizes, returns are possible, but the customer bears the postage fee. Refer to the returns section for more information.


Fraudulent Behavior:

We reserve the right to cancel and refund orders we believe may be fraudulent without disclosing reasons. Cooperation with law enforcement in criminal investigations is assured. We may implement blocking or fraud prevention measures.


Abusive Behavior:

Abusive behavior towards our staff will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to terminate dialogue, block accounts, or take any measures to prevent abusive individuals from using our services.


Special Offers and Promotional Codes:

Promotional codes are valid from the introduction date to the end date, excluding purchases made before or after this period. Special offers cannot be combined. The prevailing price at the time of purchase applies. We may change or withdraw offers without notice. Personalized offers are redeemable by the specified customer.


Customer & Recipient Personal Information:

Accurate contact details for customers and recipients are essential for communication. We respect privacy and confidentiality, never selling or leasing private information. The customer's email address is used for order and delivery notifications, as well as occasional marketing. Payment details are securely handled by our payment provider, Bank of Ireland. The customer's telephone number may be used for delivery or payment issues. Recipient details are used for delivery and may be used for marketing, excluding phone numbers.


Customer Care & Complaints Policy:

This section outlines how to get in touch with us and details Anxious Preoccupied's responsibilities in case you need to file a complaint.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with the Anxious Preoccupied Service, please address any complaints initially through email at hi@anxiouspreoccupied.com . 
When reaching out, remember to include your order number and a contact telephone number. We are dedicated to promptly addressing and resolving any concerns you may have.